The Casino Brothers Band began their journey in 1999 as a simple, no name, 3 piece band with band leader  Paul “Paco” Danesi on Bass, Marco Spadafora on drums, and Brian Wilson on guitar. They were performing with some of the local tribute artists at small soft seated theatres and Casinos  in Ontario, Canada. Some of the tribute artists they backed up at that time included Anthony Von as Elvis, Bernie Jessome as Roy Orbison, Ray Anthony as Ritchie Valens, Jeff Scott as Buddy Holly, Billy Diel as Jerry Lee Lewis, Al Ross as Elvis, and JD Fortune (formally lead singer of INXS) as Elvis to name a few.

The band’s reputation began to grow. Due to a higher demand and increasing budgets, the three piece band turned into a power quartet. With new band member Mike Burns on guitar and the addition of Mike Lerner & Ben Jokela  rotating on Keyboards, they had increased their repertoire to facilitate additional tribute artists such as Nancy Tromm as Shania & Cher, Dave Battah as Rod Stewart, Karen Grainger as Cher, Celine, and Reba,  Gino Monopoli and Kevin Mills as Elvis, & Don Thompson as Garth Brooks to name a few.  The band, still with no name, delivered an unparalleled tight energetic full sound!

2004 was a pivotal year for the band:

1) They had finally come up with the name “The Casino Brothers”. A name derived from their passion of playing slots at the Casinos after their performances;

2) Thanks to Rosemarie O’Brien, they landed the role as the official  Collingwood Elvis Festival house band. The band would feature the core quartet members, Daphne Moens & Lora Cotter on back up vocals, a 3 piece horn section and John Fletcher as the 2nd guitarist playing rhythm;

3) A producer from Milwaukee by the name of Kurt Brown, had heard of the band’s ability to back up many different types of artists. It wasn’t long before he had booked the band’s first gig in the U.S. at Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico Dec 31, 2004.  “Paco” on Bass, Marco Spadafora on drums, and Mike Burns on guitar remained the staples of the band while the keyboard spot now rotated between the very talented Peter Kadar and Rob White (AKA Bubba).

In 2006, Kurt Brown gave birth to “The Man In Black” show featuring Shawn Barker as Johnny Cash. Mike Burns, The Casino Brothers Band guitar player, is an expert in the Johnny Cash/Luther Perkins sound.  And because of that expertise, The Casino Brothers Band toured with “The Man In Black”. It was a dream come true for guitarist Mike Burns.

For the next two years, the band continued performing with “The Man In Black” show and other Tribute artists all over North America. Between the fatigue of touring and the recession in 2008, band Leader “Paco” and drummer Marco Spadafora decided to bring The Casino Brothers Band back to Canada while guitarist Mike Burns and keyboardist Rob White remained on tour with Kurt Brown’s “Man In Black” show.

Things were a little slow at first during the recession but the band managed to weather the storm. Guitarist John Fletcher and keyboardist Len Feldman were the new additions to the band. It wasn’t long before the The Casino Brothers Band began performing in Southern Ontario on a regular basis.

In august 2010, we suffered the loss of Paul “Paco” Danesi. It was through his effort and love for the music industry that paved the way for the successful journey of The Casino Brothers Band. Marco Spadafora, the only original band member and “Paco’s” right hand man, was the obvious choice to take over the  role as Band Leader and owner / operator of the business.

Since taking over, Marco has focussed mainly on Elvis tribute artists. He plans to grow the band’s Elvis repertoire and improve their sound. Although The Casino Brothers Band is now an Elvis speciality band, they continue to back up other Tribute Artists upon request.