Band Leader-Marco Spadafora

Marco Spadafora has been involved with The Casino Brothers Band since it first started in 1999 led by bassist Paul “Paco” Danesi.   Apart from being the drummer, Marco helped Paco with his day to day band operations eventually being pegged as his right hand man. After Paco’s passing in August 2010,  Marco took over as band leader and owner / operator of the business.

Here is a quick bio on Marco:

Marco does not remember a time in his life where drum sticks were not in his hands. His first paying gig was in 1978  at the young age of 13. He is a Humber College graduate of  both music and marketing.  Marco spent many years teaching drums at Drummer’s Choice drum store in Brampton during the week while gigging on weekends. He eventually worked his way up to management position where he learned a great deal about people and how to keep them motivated & engaged. in late  2008, Marco left the drum store to embark in a career in finances. He was employed by Scotiabank as a Personal Banking Officer where he focussed on  mortgage & credit lending, mutual fund investing and day to day banking. After 2 years in the bank, Marco felt the need to leave and go full time with his true passion, music! Currently, Marco enjoys being a full time musician.

When not working with The Casino Brothers Band, Marco is hired as a sideman drummer from many bands such as The Gem Tones from Stage Gems Production, Simply Grande & Message In A Bottle (A Police Tribute band) to name a few.  

Marco also teaches drums privately and at Drumland  in Vaughan. He has authored a series of drumbooks entitled ‘The Drum Mentoring Program’.